What Was Your Favorite Part?

What Was Your Favorite Part?

I return home to Boulder, CO from a weekend backpacking trip in Roosevelt National Forest, and the first motherly-respected text I receive is “What was your favorite part?”  I pause before responding, and wonder why this question is always so difficult whether you’ve returned from a day’s, a weekend’s, or an extended long vacation.  Which answer … Continue reading

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is not all about the turkey. Or the stuffing, the sweet potatoes or the pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, being grateful for what you have, and spreading the love to your friends, family, co-workers, peers, and strangers too. It is about remembering how you got here, how you came to be where … Continue reading

My Personal Webpage

Valerie Goren’s Personal Webpage Please check out my site and let me know what you think! I just learned how to write HTML code in my Digital Media class, and have created a simple webpage showcasing my personal interests.

Be a Giver

“You will feel fulfilled when you do the impossible for someone else” Sipping on my Yogi tea this morning, I was inspired by the quote on the tea-tag.  Be a giver, over a receiver, and you will receive more than you can dream

An Ode to Chocolate

Sweet Riot, you caught my eye today perusing the aisles of the grocery stores. Okay, I do have a slight bit addiction to dark chocolate-and a worse addiction to sample every bar on the shelf. But chocolate, as they say, like diamonds, are a woman’s best friend. A perfect spike of caffeine to get you … Continue reading

An Epiphany

You never know who you’ll meet.  Talk to people.  Smile.  Eat slowly and enjoy the process of listening.  Ask insightful questions.  And never, never, judge a book–a friend–by its cover. None of us know what we want, but if we just expand that box a little, stay curious and follow our instinct, we will be sure to … Continue reading