Posted in October 2012

My Personal Webpage

Valerie Goren’s Personal Webpage Please check out my site and let me know what you think! I just learned how to write HTML code in my Digital Media class, and have created a simple webpage showcasing my personal interests. Advertisements

Be a Giver

“You will feel fulfilled when you do the impossible for someone else” Sipping on my Yogi tea this morning, I was inspired by the quote on the tea-tag.  Be a giver, over a receiver, and you will receive more than you can dream

An Ode to Chocolate

Sweet Riot, you caught my eye today perusing the aisles of the grocery stores. Okay, I do have a slight bit addiction to dark chocolate-and a worse addiction to sample every bar on the shelf. But chocolate, as they say, like diamonds, are a woman’s best friend. A perfect spike of caffeine to get you … Continue reading

An Epiphany

You never know who you’ll meet.  Talk to people.  Smile.  Eat slowly and enjoy the process of listening.  Ask insightful questions.  And never, never, judge a book–a friend–by its cover. None of us know what we want, but if we just expand that box a little, stay curious and follow our instinct, we will be sure to … Continue reading