An Epiphany

You never know who you’ll meet.  Talk to people.  Smile.  Eat slowly and enjoy the process of listening.  Ask insightful questions.  And never, never, judge a book–a friend–by its cover.

None of us know what we want, but if we just expand that box a little, stay curious and follow our instinct, we will be sure to end up in the right place.  Take a trip with a backpack, get on a plane, and search willingly and open heartedly for those green-light vacancy signs–for you will always end up at the place meant for you.  Be adventurous and never say never.  Take a risk each and every day and follow your dreams.  Don’t set high expectations–or don’t set any at all.  Instead, set every-changing goals and reach for the stars.

Network, network, network, practice, practice, practice, talk, talk, talk.  A world of opportunities opened up for me tonight.  In 2.5 hours, not only is my marketing major and digital media certificate confirmed, but a light is beginning to shed on my future within the outdoor arena.  It is real and it is near and internships/jobs are forthcoming.  It is only because I’m putting my strongest efforts towards my passions and what I believe is real–to me.  I am accepting this challenge–what’s another one? A marathon?–and diving head first.

Marketing is what industries need.  Youngsters–amateurs who give it their all and bring a unique perspective.  Social media that delves into the subconscious of the consumers.  The outdoor industry is evolving rapidly, parallel to the digital world, and it is the creative individuals who will be at the starting line.

So go for a run, sit still, or light a candle and just meditate and let your mind wander each day.  Go to sleep peacefully and wake up happily.  Apologize when necessary, but never live in regret.  Each path you take is the right one for you.  Why not take them all?  Don’t be afraid of change, and don’t be afraid to change.  We are evolving, not static, just as this world is.  We must keep up with knowledge but take facts with a grain of salt.  Have an opinion, and just believe…

In yourself


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