An Ode to Chocolate


Sweet Riot, you caught my eye today perusing the aisles of the grocery stores. Okay, I do have a slight bit addiction to dark chocolate-and a worse addiction to sample every bar on the shelf. But chocolate, as they say, like diamonds, are a woman’s best friend. A perfect spike of caffeine to get you through a night of studying, that sweet spot that lingers on your tongue, and the pure taste of the 80% bitterness, leaves me purely satisfied. Maybe I’m attracted to (and admit-don’t feel as bad) when your labels are blaring “Fair Trade Certified”, “USDA Organic”, gluten-free, kosher, and vegan. But they also leave me knowing that I must be indulging in the purest, most simplest form of chocolate. (Or maybe I’m just too involved to convince myself otherwise)!!

But seriously, after tasting an array of dark chocolate bars, this one ranks high. Whether my knack for reading labels leaves me bias, my marketing degree keeps me critical, or simply that I like to pretend I know everything about dark chocolate, in reality this bar is a small slice of heaven.

Try it for yourself!


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